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When it comes to glass and glass projects, we can come up with some very creative ideas, whether it has to do with stained glass or not. While we love to incorporate stained and leaded glass into anything we can, sometimes it is not feasible or possible to do this. That is where our imagination comes in, along with different concepts that we like to try every now and then that maybe we hadn't thought of before. Let us know what you want, and if we can't use stained or leaded glass, we will try to come up with other options that may be to your liking.

Creative Ideas
Just one of many creative projects.

Photo Galleries
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Antique Reconfigure
Antique Reconfigure
Astronaut Panel Gallery
Astronaut Panel
Bathroom Litebox Gallery
Bathroom Litebox
Blasted Hummingbird Gallery
Blasted Hummingbird
Carved Heron Gallery
Carved Heron
Clear to Texture Option
Clear to Texture Option
Crating - Storing - Shipping
Crating Storing Shipping
Donovan Texas Star Gallery
Donovan Texas Star
Freebird Office & Shop Gallery
Freebird Office & Shop
Kaleidoscope Plane
Kaleidoscope Plane
Lake House Faceted
Lake House Faceted
Mark's Slot Machine
Mark's Slot Machine
Poole Fredrick Ramond Lamp Repair Gallery
Poole F.R. Lamp Repair
Stable Crest Antique
Stable Crest Antique
Wilson Fireplace
Wilson Fireplace
Yard Art Faceted
Yard Art Faceted

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