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Repairs of broken and failed insulated windows

Freebird Glass Heated Roller Press
Our Heated Roller Press re-seals units the
same or better than the original manufacturer

Insulated windows are much more impact resistant than plain stained glass windows, however, they are still glass and can be subject to vandalism or projectiles thrown from lawn mowers and weed eaters. In order to repair an insulated window properly, it must be removed and taken to our facility. The window is then separated, removing the exterior panes of glass and the thermal seal. The leaded glass window is wiped down and a new Dessicant seal (NOT caulking, NOT foam, and NOT butyl) is applied. Both pieces of tempered glass are replaced for quality control and warranty issues. The newly assembled unit is then properly sealed in our heated roller press. We do NOT warranty Wrought Iron IG panels, or panels that have been insulated with waterproofing in the channels.

If the panel is not supported properly when installed, it can fail. We add spacers to all IG units to help prevent the panel from failing, we also properly support the panel with an additional full length spacer if necessary. We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all IG units we install against dropping and fogging, because we are confident we have done everthing we can to prevent this from happening. We offer a limited warranty on IG units that are installed by others, as we can not guarantee they will install a leaded IG unit properly, even with our spacer in the IG unit.

Fogging Window
Fogging Window
If moisture appears inside the unit, it could mean the thermal seal has failed, or the unit was originally sealed with moisture in the unit.
Dropped Leaded Glass Panel
Dropped Leaded Glass Panel
Sometimes the leaded glass window can sink inside the unit. This is caused by improper installation or a heavy leaded glass panel.


Failed units are treated the same way as a repair, including replacing both panes of exterior tempered glass.

  Freebird Glass has repaired many improperly sealed and improperly installed units. We have learned from the mistakes of others, as well as our own, and we do everything in our power to only allow the highest quality product to leave our facility. We firmly believe leaded IG units are a good product, and is the reason we offer them, repair them, and warranty them.

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