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Reinforcement Bars
Reinforcement Bars - Rebars

Reinforcement bars, or Rebars, are highly recommended on all leaded glass windows that are used in a moving unit, such as doors. A leaded glass window is constructed with many individual pieces, and if not properly supported by a rebar, over time the force of a door closing will cause damage to the window. Initially, the solder joints will crack, then the window will start to bow, and if not addressed, the stress will eventually cause the glass to break. Rebars are also highly recommended on large panels, as this will help stabilize the window and reduce the fatigue that happens over time, which in turn also causes bowing.

Broken Solder Joints
Broken Solder Joints
Many times the joints will
break just past the solder
joint due to the fact that the
solder is stronger than the
What Can Happen Without Rebars
What Can Happen Without Rebars
If rebars are not added when
initially built, over time the
force of a door slamming can
cause the window to bow
outward, breaking the glass.

  The placement of rebars is very important in order to properly support the window. On smaller windows, sometimes only one centrally placed rebar is necessary. On larger windows two to three rebars may be needed. The rebars are installed on the inside of the window and are slightly visible from the outside of your window, depending on the design of your window. The technicians from Freebird Glass will determine what is necessary and advise you of any options.

  The best alternative to attaching rebars is to turn your window into a thermal insulated glass (IG) window. You can find out more about IG units by clicking the link below.


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