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Custom Designed and Built Stained Glass, Leaded Glass, and Beveled Glass Windows

We can build you anything you are looking for, from a replication of another panel, to a picture from a postcard.

We build custom, so the following pictures will not have any sizes, or they will have the original sizes they were built at. We can take any design and adapt it to your specific size required, which will be unique to you! Since we build custom and can design anything, do not let these pictures be your limit. We can design from wallpaper, floor tiles, logos, or anything else your mind desires. The only limit to designs is your imagination.

The cost of custom stained and leaded glass panels depends on the size, glass used (clear textures, colored glass, beveled glass) and the complexity of the design. Please have the size you need, the type of glass you are wanting, and if possible, a design idea, when contacting us about a quote. If you are not sure of the design you want, we can work with you and draw you something from your ideas and that will fit within your price range, with as much or as little detail as is required. We ONLY use Quality products and Quality craftsmanship to build our panels.

From Concept to Reality:

Custom Sketch - Concept to Reality Custom Built Panel - Concept to Reality
Customer Sketch - Completed Panel

Real Life Photo - Concept to Reality Leaded Interpretation - Concept to Reality
Real Photo - Leaded Interpretation

View Metal Color Options for leaded glass here

View stock Bevel Clusters here

Photo Galleries
Click on photos to enlarge

Custom Fused & Copper Foiled Astronaut Window Gallery
Astronaut Panel
Baughman All Custom Bevel Panel Gallery
Baughman All Bevel
Baughman Skylight Gallery
Baughman Skylight
Star and Horseshoe Design Gallery
Bean Star & Horseshoe
Birds of Paradise Gallery
Birds of Paradise
Brian's Door Panel Gallery
Brian's Door Panel
Cappadonna Entry
Cappadonna Entry
Cappadonna Pantry
Cappadonna Pantry
Carved Heron Gallery
Carved Heron
Cikut Door Panel
Cikut Door Panel
Clayton Door Gallery
Clayton Door
Clayton Gazebo Gallery
Clayton Gazebo
Coffey Transoms Gallery
Coffey Transoms
Cox Rose Gallery
Cox Rose Panel
IG Transom Gallery
Custom IG Transom
Duncan Repair and Sidelite Gallery
Duncan Door & Sidelite
Entryway Photos Gallery
Entryway Photos (Misc.)
Front Office Door IG Gallery
Front Office Door IG
Gavin Design Gallery
Gavin Design
Gillette Entry Gallery
Gillette Entry Designs
Gillette Kitchen Slider Window Gallery
Gillette Kitchen Designs
Grape Cluster Gallery
Grape Clusters & Vines
Hill Diamonds Gallery
Hill Color Diamond Lites
Johnson IG Bathroom Gallery
Johnson Bathroom IG
Keating Transom Gallery
Keating Custom Transom
Keating Transom 2 Gallery
Keating Transoms #2
Kin 280Z Car Panel Gallery
Kin's 280Z Nissan
King Oval Gallery
King Oval
Krigman Door Gallery
Krigman Doors
Kumbalek Sidelite and Transom Gallery
Kumbalek Side/Transom
Ligon Lamp Shades
Ligon Lamp Shades
Ligon Transom Gallery
Ligon Transom Panel
Ligon Woodpecker Gallery
Ligon Woodpecker Panel
Linda's Panels Gallery
Linda's Panels
McCann Kitchen Gallery
McCann Kitchen
Michael Eaton Panels Gallery
Michael Eaton Panels
O'Brien Custom Transom Gallery
O'Brien Transom Panel
Office Panel Gallery
Office Panel
Phi Door Gallery
Phi Door Designs
Shapes Gallery
Susan Repasky Panels Built for a Dentist Office Gallery
SR Dentist Office
Stodder Texas Star Gallery
Stodder Texas Star
Texas Fanlite Design Gallery
Texas Star Fanlite
Tillman Door Panel Gallery
Tillman Door Panel
Urban 3-part Transoms Gallery
Urban 3-part Transoms
Urban Entry Gallery
Urban Front Entryway
Vanderhider Entry Door Gallery
Vanderhider Entry Door
Vanderhider Fitness Door Gallery
Vanderhider Fitness Door
Vanderhider Kitchen Cabinet Gallery
Vanderhider Kitchen
Vanderhider Library Doors Gallery
Vanderhider Library
Welker Study Gallery
Welker Study Transom
Wickwood Cabinets Gallery
Wickwood Cabinets
Wrought Iron Design Gallery
Wrought Iron Design
Yard Art Faceted Gallery
Yard Art Faceted
Youens Texas Star IG Gallery
Youens Texas Star IG

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