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On-Site Repairs of Stained Glass, Leaded Glass, and Beveled Glass Doors and Windows
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  Leaded Glass windows can be broken in many ways. Storm damage, vandalism, an over-excited dog, or even a poorly aimed baseball from a neighbor's child, can fracture a portion of your leaded glass window. The majority of repairs to your leaded glass window can be completed on-site, in a short time, without removal of the glass from the door. Freebird Glass has been perfroming front door glass repair service in Harris County and surrounding counties for over 25 years. Our service technicians are highly trained in the handling and proper repair of leaded glass windows, and our service trucks are equipped to handle anything from small repairs, to adding rebars.


Broken leaded glass door panel 18 piece broken door panel repaired
Before and after an 18 piece repair of colored and textured glass, completed on-site without removing the panel from the door.

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